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CCFW holds its annual fundraiser - a saltwater fishing tournament - the 3rd weekend in October on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The proceeds go to support our club’s many charitable donations and activities.  Each year, Cape Hatteras charitable needs are identified  by community leaders to receive a significant portion of tournament proceeds.  In the past, included among CCFW tournament proceed recipients have been the local Meals on Wheels, the Food Bank, the Fessenden Center, as well as individuals in need.

Chairman's Report on the successful
29th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament

What a wonderful Tournament!  We were very pleased with the increase in attendees this year. About 50 people registered at the meeting.  That may indicate the economy has improved, gas prices were down, and access to the beach and surf was much better than we have seen in a while.  Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, pretty decent fishing, and fellowship.  We had fish caught, and therefore winners in all categories this year.

Thanks to great merchant support and the larger number of attendees, we were able to donate $4,300 to charitable causes on the Island.  Donations were made to the Fessenden Center, OBPA, Hatteras Village Medical Center, Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men (Food Bank), Hatteras Island Meals (Meals on Wheels).  We also made another $1200 in donations back in the Richmond Metro Area - our home town.

Next year we plan to do it up big in celebration of our 30th Annual Tournament.  Our planning starts in earnest in January.  There are already some wild ideas being floated around.  Mark your calendars now for October 17 - 18, 2015.

The entry form will be posted here in early July.  If you want to make sure you receive a mailer, fill out the form below - especially if you did not receive a mailer this year, or if you have changed your address.

Steve "Mickey" Kelliher, Chairman

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